- Why do we do it?

Why do we do it?

When we see a man stealing a bike, we react, and we are outraged. Moments later, we enter into the Internet, and we no longer have a problem with copying someone else's photos or text and using it for example on own web page.

Yes, our copyrights were also repeatedly breached. We are artists, whose work was, and still is stolen. The only reason was that we decided to use the reach of the Internet and share the examples of our work with others. Sharing does not mean, however, donation for free and without any restrictions. Independent fight against breaching the copyrights on the Internet is very difficult. It needs time, resources, legal assistance. A number of individual artists resign from this and quietly accept this constant procedure. The thieves know it perfectly, and for this reason they feel unpunished. proves that intellectual property may be the subject to effective protection. The problem is widespread, but still poorly publicized. The media re not interested, there are no reliable and comprehensive statistics. We want to change, and we will also work to increase public awareness of the phenomenon of breaching the copyrights. We know that a number of people do not know that by copying the content and using it, they are just stealing the artist. Please, help us protect your copyrights. Inform about breaching them. Do not agree on unpunished stealing! is going to fight it. On behalf of its and yours. On behalf of those, whose intellectual property is stolen and used without their permission.