- Who are we?

Who are we? is an initiative of artists, who oppose to ordinary, deliberate and unconscious copyright stealing on the Internet.

No matter whether they are photos, texts, graphics, music, video, we condemn any stealing with the same effect. We do not accept social consent for appropriation of someone else's intellectual property. From a legal point of view, there is no difference between stealing a candy bar in the shop, and "borrowing" images for your own blog or graphic design. We know, however, that the loss for the creator is much more painful. Its work is reduced to a product that you can just take and use any way you want without any consequences. You need to fight it!

The Internet is a powerful source of knowledge, inspiration and a great tool to show your creativity. However, it should not be free, commercial gallery, where all can be just stolen without asking the author for permission. Such thinking strikes directly in the artists, as well as the brands that invest in powerful measures in their image and deal with the unfair realities of the virtual world. is going to fight it. On behalf of its and yours. On behalf of those, whose intellectual property is stolen and used without their permission.